A DIY Wreath Making Kit is a box with everything you need to create your own wreath.

Buying the Christmas set, you also receive a step-by-step guide and my inspiring Christmas compilations on your email. 


We Buy Emotions, Not Things


Do you remember how you cut snowflakes as a child?

Adults are often afraid to create things with their own hands.

But believe me, you can make something special and add magic to your home. I promise the process will be full of joy. 


What materials will you find in the box?


–  a wreath of natural branches (25-28 cm);

You can reuse the base and create wreaths every new season.

– a mix of fresh Christmas foliage;

– natural decor pieces: locally sourced pinecones, berries, dry flowers;

– wire;

– twine for attaching the wreath.


But this is not the end. I’ll send step-by-step instructions with photographs on how to make a wreath to your email.

In addition to the Christmas set and instructions you’ll also find my fav Christmas compilations in a letter:


– The Christmas gift guide: 10 ideas for someone you love.

– My fav spiced hot chocolate recipe.

– A Christmas playlist.

– My 10 fav December movies and TV special episodes.

– A Pinterest board of ideas on how you can use a wreath in decoration (in addition to the most obvious options).

Hanging a wreath on the door is classic but there are many additional decor options. 

Pick-up dates:


17-18 December, Venu 

Haarlemmerdijk 138, 1013 JJ, Amsterdam


These days the Christmas market will be held at Venu: drinks, music, movies, workshops, and different brands. 

Come over to pick up your kits. I'll be in a New Year's cap.


The number of sets is limited. Please make a pre-order to book your kit.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer.


Additional information


A DIY Wreath Making Kit is a perfect gift for your friends, family, and yourself. 

These kits are made for special moments to remind us how essential it is to find time for magic in our busy world. 

You don't need to have special skills to create you own Christmas wreath. 


All the Wreath Making Kits are packed in craft boxes made of thick cardboard, so you don’t need to think about how to transport or gift wrap them. 

It’s easy to pick up on a bike.


How to use the wreath after delivery?


Wreaths can live forever, but they stay “perfectly fresh” for 3-4 weeks.

With time, the greens beautifully change color and dry out. You don't need any special conditions.

But, of course, the cooler the place of storage, the longer the Christmas wreath will bring delight.


Special note: A wreath from 2021 is still hanging in our country house.

It’s still beautiful. And don’t forget that you can reuse the wreath’s base every season.




Merry Christmas, my sparkling botanical beauties.

Keep your beautiful winter set away from Grinches.


Hope to see you soon.


With flower love, 

Kristina Hananeina